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Measuring and Drawing Tools

Marking Tools

  • Chaco
    These are used to draw the outline of patterns, as well as guidelines for basting and sewing.
  • Chaco Paper
    (Chalk Paper)
    Transfer paper with chalk on both (or just one) side. Place it on a cloth to trace with a pen, roulette, or needle tool.
  • Spatula
    For marking directly on fabric that you cannot draw on with a pen. The roulette is also used to make dotted lines with chaco(chalk) paper.
  • PaperweightIt is used for keeping paper or fabric when transferring a pattern or when cutting.
  • Basting Thread
    Sewing Needles
    A twisted thread used for basting and sewing for lockstitch sewing machines. Use a color that stands out on your fabric.

Cutting Tools

  • Sewing ScissorsUsed when cutting or sewing fabric. A 26 cm blade is the easiest to use in our opinion.
  • Pinking ScissorsThe blade is cut in a zigzag pattern. It is used to decoratively clean up the edges of fabrics that do not easily fray, such as synthetic leather and felt.
  • Rotary CutterFor faster fabric cutting than with scissors. Suitable for thin or slippery fabrics. A ruler and mat are required for clean cutting.
  • Stainless RulerThe best type of ruler to use when cutting with cutter. It does not get damaged even if you cut into it.
  • Cutting MatA mat to lay underneath your fabric when using a cutter to protect your table surface.

Sewing Tools

  • Needle Tool
    Needle tools are handy for defining collars, hem corners, for cleaning the feeder of the sewing machine, or for making markings on pattern paper. With chisels, you can make buttonholes.
  • Seam RipperA tool for loosening or cutting sewing machine seams. A convenient tool that hugely increases work speed.
  • Thread Trimmer
    Small Scissors
    As the name already implies, these tools are used to cut hand or machine-sewn thread. As they are small, they are suitable for detailed work.
  • Sewing Needle
    Basting Needle
    Which size to use depends on what fabric or sewing technique you are using. The larger the number, the thinner the needle.
  • ThreaderA tool for threading a needle. Available for hand sewing needles and sewing machines.
  • ThimbleIt not only prevents the sewing needle from hurting you, but also prevents slipping. There are different materials and types available, such as metal, leather, plastic, ring types, cap-like types, and many more.
  • PinsHead pins are used to attach a sewing pattern to fabric, basting and keeping your fabric layers in place. Silk pins and flat-headed pins are used for draping, pin work, and fixing your basted fabric’s position.
  • Sewing Clips (Wonder Clips)Same as pins, they are used for keeping your fabric in place, but they are faster to use and also do not make a hole in your fabric.
  • Pin CushionCushion-type needle holders you can store your sewing needles, ball pins, and silk pins in. Some kinds you can also attach to your arm or table.
  • Bodkin Needle (Elastic Threader)
    Loop Turner
    When pulling a string or elastic through a fabric tube, these tools comes in handy. The loop turner (made by Clover) is used to turn your fabric loop from left side back to the right one.
  • Ironing Ruler
    Bone Folder
    Ironable ruler and bone folder. Handy for sewing, or for rounding pockets and bags.
  • TweezersFor hard-to-reach places such as in overlock sewing machines.
  • Thread Puller
    A tool for cutting and pulling out threads.
  • Tape MakerA tool for easy bias tape making using your favorite fabric.

Sewing Machine Supplies

  • Sewing Machine NeedleThere are needles for domestic and industrial use. You need different needles depending on your fabric.
  • Bobbin
    Bobbin Case
    Metal or plastic parts for winding the bobbin thread of the sewing machine.
  • Sewing Machine FootIf you use the most suitable foot for each stitch, the results will be even better looking.
  • Sewing Machine AccessoriesLots of useful tools to assist you during sewing.
  • Maintenance SuppliesTools, oil, or cleaning tools to be used for machine maintenance.
  • Sewing MachinesWe sell domestic sewing machines, lock sewing machines, and professional lockstitch sewing machines.
    * Unfortunately these can NOT be purchased outside of Japan.

Ironing Supplies


  • Sewing Kit
    Sewing Case
    Click here for sewing kits, portable kits, and storage cases for beginners.
  • Sewing BooksPick up one of our books where you can learn the basics of sewing.
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