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For new customer

Welcome to NIPPON CHUKO Online Store!

You can purchase handicraft materials and various tools conveniently and quickly on our website, Chuko Online.

Since we are a wholesale, you have to order a certain amount at once when shopping. For domestic shipping (inside of Japan), your shopping total (excluding shipping costs) should be more than 10,000 Yen (Japanese Yen, without tax). For international shipping, it should exceed 20,000 Yen.

How to order

Search and Browse for Products
You can search for products by using the search field on the top right of this page. You can search for both product names and product numbers.
If you are interested in certain categories you can use the left menu or click on "Search by Category" at the top of this page.
Ordering Process
After you find a product you want to order, please enter the quantity you need at the bottom of the page and click the red "Add to Cart" button below.
You will proceed to your cart where you can check all the products you want to buy at once.
If you are not able to find the products you want
Please contact us via the contact form (you can access it at the top of this page) or by simply sending us an e-mail to our address We will gladly help you with your search.

There is also another way of ordering products, but at this moment, it is only available in Japanese.

More details

How to check your order history

Check the Order Confirmation Mail we sent you.
After you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation message with a list of your ordered products and prices to your e-mail address registered on our website.
Check your order history.
1. Click on the "My Page" button on the left side of our shop.
2. Click on "Purchase History" to see every detail of your past orders.


Cancel or change orders (or part of your order) by using the contact form.
Contact Us

Please include the product code, name and quantity of the product you want to cancel.

You can also change your order by e-mail (send it to with your name, telephone number and order number.

Please note that if you cancel your order after our shipment or your parcel is returned at customer's convenience,we request shipping fee.

Our stocks

Our stock situation
We use the same product stock as Chuko Online for the other shops we own, too. Therefore, sometimes your desired product might be already out of stock, even if it is not displayed in our shop yet. In that case, we will not ship your order until all of your products are assembled.

If you want to ship the products that are already available in advance, we need to ship your order 2 times. But we will also charge higher shipping costs.

It might take longer for some products to ship since we do not have them in our regular stock.

If one of the products you ordered will be out of stock, we will immediately contact you by e-mail to discuss further procedures with you.
Normally, it takes about 1 to 2 business days to prepare the shipment after receiving an order.


Delivery duration
For domestic delivery, your order will be shipped in 1-2 business days after we receive your order.
However, if some of the products are out of stock, it will take a little more than 2 days.
We will ship orders overseas about one week after the order is placed since we have to calculate and decide for a shipping method with you first.
Shipping Costs for Domestic Shipping
For domestic delivery, shipping cost is different for each region.
Please check the following chart.
近畿 大阪府 兵庫県 京都府 奈良県 750
滋賀県 和歌山県
東海・北陸 三重県 石川県 富山県 福井県
静岡県 愛知県 岐阜県
中国 鳥取県 岡山県 広島県 島根県 800
四国 徳島県 愛媛県 高知県 香川県
信越 長野県 新潟県 850
首都圏 東京都 神奈川県
九州 福岡県 佐賀県 大分県 長崎県
宮崎県 熊本県 鹿児島県
関東 群馬県 千葉県 埼玉県 茨城県
栃木県 山梨県
東北 宮城県 福島県 山形県 1,000
青森県 秋田県 岩手県
北海道 北海道 1,100
沖縄 沖縄 2,200

*If you live on a more isolated island, we might charge additional shipping costs. In that case, we will contact you before shipping.
*The shipping cost in the table does not include taxes.

For domestic delivery, we ship either via Sagawa Express or Yu-pack (Japan Post).
If you choose a shipping address in Japan and your order total exceeds 50,000 JPY without taxes, your shipping cost will be free.
Unfortunately, this does not include overseas shipping.

Overseas Shipping
The shipping cost for overseas orders depend on the weight and size of each package.
We will contact you concerning the weight, size and the actual shipping cost AFTER we finish preparing your order. Preparing your order might take up to 1 week, during sales periods even up to 2 weeks.

This means that unfortunately, we cannot inform you about shipping costs before you place your order since we have to weigh the finished package first.

The maximum weight of one parcel is 20kg. If your order is heavier than that, we have to split it into two.
When splitting your order into multiple shipments, we will charge shipping fees for each individual package separately.


The standard delivery method is SAL (economy air), but you can of course choose another shipment method. Since SAL is not available in every country, please check this list first if your country is included.
If you prefer another delivery method (EMS, Surface Mail or FedEx, for example), please contact us by e-mail or write a comment in the remarks column during the ordering process.
Overseas Shipping Service Comparison
If you cannot decide on a shipping method, please use this chart for a rough comparison.

  SAL EMS Surface FedEx
Size Depending on the destination   Depending on the destination  
Weight Up to 20kg Up to 20kg Up to 20kg  
Cost ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★★★
Safety ★★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★★
Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Insurance No/optional Yes No/optional Yes
Time 1-3 weeks 2-10 days 1-3 months 2-6 days
  Click here for a list of countries that accept SAL     You can choose FedEx if you have an account there
Available Overseas Shipping Services & Fees
If you prefer another shipment method other than the ones noted here, please contact us. We would like to discuss it with you first.
All the fees are directly taken from the official Japan Post Website. The current fees were updated on January 9th, 2017.
Since they change quite frequently, the final costs might slightly vary. we suggest to check the Japan Post Website for the actual fees.

All amounts are in Japanese Yen. The estimated shipping times are the responsibility of Japan Post, they are also directly taken from the website and are only stated as reference.

Please consider that shipping might be delayed significantly - especially in November, December and January - because of holidays and other circumstances.
Please understand that we will NOT take responsibility in such a case. Please contact your local post office if your parcel takes too long, they will be able to help you. If you are in a hurry, please use EMS.

NEW! Now we also offer another shipping method called e-Packet for orders that weigh less than 2kg. It is cheaper than the usual shipping methods and it also is trackable. Detailed costs will follow later.

SAL 1. East Asia 2. South Asia 3. North America,
Europe, Oceania,
Middle East
4. South America,
1kg and less 1800 2200 2700 3400
2kg and less 2400 2900 3850 5000
3kg and less 3000 3600 5000 6600
4kg and less 3600 4300 6150 8200
5kg and less 4200 5000 7300 9800
6kg and less 4700 5600 8350 11250
7kg and less 5200 6200 9400 12700
8kg and less 5700 6800 10450 14150
9kg and less 6200 7400 11500 15600
10kg and less 6700 8000 12550 17050
11kg and less 7000 8400 13250 18050
12kg and less 7300 8800 13950 19050
13kg and less 7600 9200 14650 20050
14kg and less 7900 8600 15350 21050
15kg and less 8200 10000 16050 22050

EMS 1. Asia 2. North
America, Middle
East, Oceania
3. Europe 4. South
America, Africa
1kg and less 2100 2900 3200 4100
2kg and less 3300 4500 5000 7300
3kg and less 4300 5900 6600 10300
4kg and less 5300 7300 8200 13300
5kg and less 6300 8700 9800 16300
6kg and less 7300 10100 11400 19300
7kg and less 8100 11200 12700 21400
8kg and less 8900 12300 14000 23500
9kg and less 9700 13400 15300 25600
10kg and less 10500 14500 16600 27700
11kg and less 11300 15600 17900 29800
12kg and less 12100 16700 19200 31900
13kg and less 12900 17800 20500 34000
14kg and less 13700 18900 21800 36100
15kg and less 14500 20000 23100 38200

Surface 1. East Asia 2. South Asia 3. North America,
Europe, Oceania,
Middle East
4. South
America, Africa
1kg and less 1600 1700 1800 2200
2kg and less 1900 2100 2350 2650
3kg and less 2200 2500 2900 3100
4kg and less 2500 2900 3450 3550
5kg and less 2800 3300 4000 4000
6kg and less 3100 3700 4550 4450
7kg and less 3400 4100 5100 4900
8kg and less 3700 4500 5650 5350
9kg and less 4000 4900 6200 5800
10kg and less 4300 5300 6750 6250
11kg and less 4550 5600 7100 6600
12kg and less 4800 5900 7450 6950
13kg and less 5050 6200 7800 7300
14kg and less 5300 6500 8150 7650
15kg and less 5550 6800 8500 8000

Shipping costs depend on the package size and weight, as well as the country you live in.


Currently, we have 3 different payment methods available. Choose whichever suits you best.

  • 1) Payment via Credit Card(VISA / MASTERCARD)
  • 2) Payment via PayPal
  • 3) Prepayment

Returned product / Replacement

If you have received a defective product or the product is different from what you ordered, we also accept returns, provided that the item you want to return has not been used/opened yet.

We also do not accept returns in the following cases:

  • 1) Products you had in your possession for 8 or more days after delivery.
  • 2) Products that have been used or washed.
  • 3) Products without the accompanying delivery slip and tags.
  • 4) Products which have been soiled or damaged under your care.
  • 5) Underwear and other sanitary items.
  • 6) If the product’s condition differs greatly from the condition it reached you (damaged/deformed boxes, for example).

We require return shipments to be made via EMS (International Express Mail Service).
Please note that we cannot refund your return shipment’s costs if you return your item by using delivery companies other than EMS.

The following details pertain to the amount which will be refunded:

  • ① Original shipping cost
  • ② Handling fee
  • ③ Cost of returned item(s)
  • ④ EMS Return Shipment Costs

*You will need to pay the shipment cost when returning your product but we will refund the amount together with the cost of returned items. Customs duties incurred when the product was initially received will not be refunded.
*Customers will be responsible for the difference in currency exchange rates from the purchasing date to the refund date.
*If several items were purchased in one order and you are returning only a part of it, the amount mentioned in ① & ② will not be refunded.
*Please note that we cannot accept any returns if you do not contact our customer support center within the limited period specified above.

Member Registration

Changing of your account information
1. Click the “My Page” button on the left in the sidebar.
2. Go to “Update User Information” to change your information there.


If you have our catalog, it will be useful if you want to find a lot of various items.

Ordering our catalog
Catalog Order Form
Catalog Product page

Please click on “Catalog Order” if you want a copy for yourself. Since 2019, there is a new version of our catalogue available.
If you purchased your catalog before 2019, some information might be outdated.
We highly suggest to purchase the new one or search directly on our website for recent products.

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