We are a company focused on the wholesale of crafting and sewing materials located in Osaka, Japan.

Ever since the establishment of Nippon Chuko in 1917, our first priority is to satisfy the needs of our customers.
The goal of our company is to brighten up and enrich the everyday life of our clients with our crafting materials from Japan and all over the world.

Pursuing this goal, we have done business with a lot of customers for almost 100 years (the company`s anniversary is coming very soon!) from our office here in Osaka, Japan.
We hope we can also make you happy with our wide selection of handicraft materials for any occasion. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions regarding our products, we would be very glad to help you.

Since February 15th, 2016, we have started to translate our whole web shop into English. From now on, you can order directly from our site. The translation is being updated every day!

Just register and log in to view our enormous catalog. We have over 40 thousand craft-related products you can explore: Whether you need fabrics, quilts, accessory findings, patterns, books – it will be delivered quickly and straightly to your doorstep.

About every two months, we have a big bargain sale and also a little weekly sale with frequently changing products. Also you can choose from tons of free craft instructions we will send you for free together with your order!

If you are interested in our product selection and just want a quick guide to see what we have to offer, you can also purchase our catalog!

We also have a local store in Osaka, so if you ever happen to come to Japan, please do not hesitate to stop by!